Our Services include:

Chakra Balancing: $500.

Palm: $25. 
 A basic and general reading of one's natural character, such as Love, health, and personality traits.

Angel Card Reading:  $55.
Express Tarot Reading.

Tarot Card: $150. 
 Reading of the tarot is an extremely accurate tool used by Ancient Egyptians via an oracle interpreter to predict past and future Events.

Psychic: $250.  
A very accurate way of discussing one's future.
One of the most insightful readings there is, a one-on-one session with you and your psychic revealing to you everything they pick up on you by way of natural and casual conversations.

Crystal: $275.  
Spiritual healing and Aura Cleansing of one's energies to Enlighten the spirit and rid them of negativity that has accrued over time.

HD. Reading: 
$399. An in-depth Ultimate Reading, if you will; a Tarot Card Reading and a Psychic Reading combined − very intense. This will give you never-failing details of what one's destiny may have in store.(recommended)

Love Spells by Design:
 Excellent for Attracting a mate.
Love Spells and love potions by design are a most ancient Way of manifesting natural chemistry, feelings, and commitment between two people into being (very powerful).

Love Spells In conjunction with Dreams Spells or Dream Casting  is also  a most Ancient way of forming a connection or bond with someone over a great distance (very useful).

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