Beverly Hills Psychics

 Intuitive Spiritualist​​​​
Gigi Rose
This Is Where Your Story Begins​​

​​Intuitive Sessions With Gigi 

"During an intuitive session,

I observe your energy field including the aura, and emotional, physical,

mental and spiritual energetic bodies.  I then use the information

that I see to communicate what may be going on in your energetic field

in relationship to challenges, issues, habits or concerns that you may be having."

Readings may examine issues related to career, finances, spiritual path, past lives influencing present time,

relationships with family, friends and partners, physical illness, issues around sexuality,  
or current challenges and issues related to grief, loss and transitions.

For example, you may ask for a session that explores your
relationship space and what may or may not be keeping you from having the relationship of your dreams. 

If you are having a hard time accomplishing tasks or feel paralyzed around a project,
ask what may be interfering with your process. 

You may also want to discover what you are learning from your family agreements
Any issue may be addressed through an intuitive counseling session.

"Thank you for inspiring me to move beyond Limits once again."

"May you find The Holy Trintity With, Great Love & Abundant Light
To Manifest That which serves you in your journey."