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Gigi Rose
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​​  Manifest Your Future  Evants With  Frequincy

Good  Vibes  Onlly" 

Combinding,   Reik  & The  Law  Of    Attraction

First let me  say  that  with My With Intuitive Work - 

I Bring Passion & Emotion-

Directly To My-


There By

Setting  Future Evants-

Into Motion -

That Fuels Powerful-

Manifestetions - 

There by Attaining-

"Passion" -
Your Hearts Desires-  

"During an intuitive session,

I observe your energy field & emotional, physical,

mental and spiritual energetic bodies.

 I Use This  information To communicate what Is going

on in your energetic field in relationship to

concerns that you may be having."

 Readings examine issues related to career, spiritual path,

How The Past Is influencing present & Future time,

current challenges and issues related To Relationships

For example, you may ask for a session that explores your

relationship space and what may  be keeping you from

having the relationship of your dreams. 

Any issue may be addressed through an intuitive session. 

How Do Angel Card Readings Work?
The reading is produced by the interaction of energies of the seeker and the response

of the angels to the querent's questions.

Crystal Bowl Meditation & Spiritual Cleansing

"Techniclly Speaking,  All  You Need Is A few Minutes Each Day 

So Why Then, Would  You  Visit "Gigi~Rose"?     

Simple Answer ; 









Need - To Send  You -Highest Viberations- & -Perfect Frequincy 
To-  Cleans- & -Detox ;   -Mind,- Body,- & -Spirit-  From Your Past!

Find   Your   True  Hearts  Desires ,  Presently  &  In  The  Future!

3 card spread show the influence for your mind, body and spirit. the present challenge,
And Your Angelic Message
A Ten-card spread can be used to show all the significant issues in your life.